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Some Signs That Your Smile May Need Help

Some Signs That Your Smile May Need Help

There have been studies that show a healthy smile can better your relationships, increase your confidence, and help you become more successful!

Let’s look at some signs that may help with your smile.

1. Wear on Your Front Teeth.

Did you know that your teeth wear approximately 1mm per decade after age 30? This can be due to a number of factors including teeth grinding that abrades the enamel. Some acidic food and drinks can also demineralize the surfaces. Enamel does not grow back, but fortunately we can help you explore ways to make your smile beautiful again.

2. Stained Yellow Teeth.

Many of us love coffee, tea, wine and chocolate, but did you know your teeth can soak up the dark pigments? Fortunately, we can professionally remove this without damaging your teeth through using the latest technology to whiten your teeth.

3. Dark Areas on Your Teeth

Dark areas can be a growing cavity. However, it usually does hurt until it is deep into the tooth. If we are able to discover this early, we can fill the tooth with tooth-colored restorative fillings that will make your smile beautiful again.

4. Bleeding/ Swollen Gums.

If your gums are not pink to light orange -peel texture, they may need help. The gums get inflamed when harmful bacteria aren’t cleaned away properly and this causes swelling and bleeding. Even worse, you will start losing bone around the teeth. Fortunately, our hygiene team can come up with a strategy for you to control your gum disease.

5. Gaps between your teeth or crooked teeth

Everyone knows that straight teeth are esthetically more pleasing, but did you know that crowding or gaps between your teeth can trap food and cause gums problems and cavities? Visit us today to ask about your braces options that can fix this.

6. What about a grey tooth?

When a tooth experience trauma, the nerve can die and over a period of time it can turn grey. Beside being esthetically unpleasing, it is a low-grade infection that needs to be disinfected. We will be happy to look at it for you at Ah! Dentistry.

7. Why does my breath smell so bad?

Bad breath is caused by the gases that are produced by oral bacteria. A dental professional can explore other causes of your mouth infection such as an abscessed tooth or gum disease.

Most oral problems develop slowly overtime. At Ah! Dentistry we like to address problems early on to prevent further damages to your oral health.

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